just f&*^ing do it!

It’s very interesting how things work out; here I was contemplating writing something on the topic of “getting started” when a very timely guest post pops up on the Zen Habits news feed.

When I think about how I got started on this little adventure, it was all a bit haphazard really. I didn’t belong to a gym, I only have (still have) an old battered pair of training shoes in dire need of replacement and I knew damn well that my fitness levels were at an all-time low.

Yet somehow I just got started, and we’ve tweaked and adjusted things along the way. It all started with a daily walk in fact, and very soon it morphed into a fairly well-structured exercise and diet regime.

I can tell you now, if I’d planned it first, I’d still be at the planning stage and/or decided it was all a bit too much to take on at the moment…

Anyway, this guest post from Zen Habits hits a number of nails on the head…

Read it here


1 thought on “just f&*^ing do it!”

  1. So very true Gary – when I joined WW nearly five years ago if my first thought was I have to lose 40ks I too would still be thinking about it – but my first goal was just to lose weight and I started with laps in a pool (with a snorkel cant swim) and walking laps around my block – after about three months I added Aqua where I met Britt and she took me on the rest of my journey back onto to land for exercises that I never thought I would be able to do and now I love it all pump, boxing, circuit training – it all is now a fantastic part of my life 🙂 Gary you are making an awesome effort keep it up – its great to feel alive again 🙂

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