just relax into the run

“why this? why now? why me?”

we’ve all been, said those words, wondered at the way life just seems to insist on testing, breaking and generally giving us a “hard time”

yet it seems other people have it easier. somehow it seems other people glide through life, almost effortlessly. they get the luck, the fortune, the “breaks”

reality is, life throws things at everyone. the thing that differs is how they react, how they deal with things, how they cope.

in recent times, I’ve been pushed by my coach outside of my comfort zone. one such example is when I do pace work, holding a pace that is uncomfortable, a pace that is pushing my boundaries.

the advice I got was simple; build up to the pace, don’t tense the shoulders, and simply relax into the run. once there, stay relaxed, focused and maintain a steady stride.

that’s really how some people get those “breaks”. instead of giving up when life gets a little tough, instead of simply saying “this is a little beyond me”, they relax into it, they approach things with a positive mindset, they maintain their stride.

and that, just like with running, is where growth occurs…

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