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this week’s shit-sorter is yet another massively popular facebook “identity”. actually, i reckon pretty much everyone in the facebook is popular, seeing as they are all so damned great, supportive and friendly…

but anyway, as i am finding out, everyone has a story to tell, a journey that has had massive positive impact, and this story is no different…

so let’s get started with the usual formalities – can you tell us your name, where you’re from, what you do and a bit about your background?

my name’s Kristina, i’m from Southern California and work-wise, well,  I work 24/7 for my hubby and kiddos, I also work part-time for Trader Joe’s!

I never did any sort of exercise on a regular basis until I started running, which I started in 2010. I ran the Surf City 5k in Huntington Beach, CA.

From there I was knew I was hooked and wanted more. I hired a running coach within a month and that was when the journey started.

so previously you were doing no exercise, so what brought about the conversion to an active lifestyle?

It’s something I don’t like to talk about much… my mom, who is 60, is dying. She was diagnosed with Lupus back in 08/09. From then until present her health is deteriorating.

She is now wheel chair bound when not in bed.

Watching her NOT take care of herself through diet and exercise has made me realize I need to change my ways ASAP.

yes I can certainly see how that would have such a massive and personal impact. seeing loved ones go through such things really makes you stop and think sometimes. now, I understand that you’ve also radically changed the way you eat – can you tell us about that?

Yes, the lightbulb moment for that was watching “Fat,Sick, and Nearly Dead” with my hubby at the end of Dec of last year (2012) and knowing I was turning 40 this year (this past May).

That is how I started juicing and also gave up coffee and diet soda.

Dec 29,2012 is the day it all started. April of this year is when I went Paleo!

I couldn’t believe how bad I was eating and how much processed food I ate. I went from eating out at every meal, and never cooking, to cooking almost every meal.

I have never read the ingredients just the calories, fat, carbs, etc. It’s all in the ingredients. Why workout if you aren’t eating right?

I can honestly say this is the first year I have stayed committed to eating clean and working out. It used to be I would get motivated and then after a few months be done and then start back again. Over and over.

that’s fantastic, I’m not sure that I’m ready to commit to such a drastic food change myself at this point – I’m guessing it comes with plenty of challenges?

Yes, the biggest challenge for me was going Paleo. This mama LOVES her food.

No grains, legumes or dairy….I thought to myself how the HECK am I gonna do that??

I LOVE cheese, rice and beans. Wouldn’t you know it taking those out of my diet were easy.

The bloating that I would always feel went away. To actually have somewhat of a flat stomach(except my baby house from having two kids) was so exciting.

awesome – excuse the pun but it really does give food for thought. even if not “full paleo” then at least to think about the food we’re eating. so with all the running and the changes to personal nutrition, what would you say has been your biggest achievement so far?

For me, my biggest achievement is that I am currently training for my 4th marathon.

I would have never thought in a million years that:

1. I would be a runner and

2. I would run a marathon – let alone going on #4!

I can certainly relate to that one – since completing a marathon in june this year I have become obsessed and found it has really changed my life. would you say all the changes you have made have impacted your life as a whole?

Since beginning this journey back in 2010, I have been a much happier person. I can honestly say I don’t let stress in.

When I feel it knocking at my door I go for a run or take barre or pilates class. To be able to have control over my life and my happiness is such an amazing feeling.

brilliant – so what would you say have been the main benefits of making these changes?

Feeling like I am 20 and not 40!

I feel great, i sleep good, I am not busting out of my clothes.

I love being able to keep up with my 9 year old. I have tons of energy. Life is good!
would you say there have been any pitfalls or drawbacks to this journey?

No. There are no pitfalls and drawbacks to eating clean and staying fit.
obviously this lifestyle requires commitment and dedication, and there will be times that the motivation for that will run a little low – how do you stay so obviously motivated?

That is why I created my “Live Laugh Love Run” facebook page!

To keep me motivated by sharing my thoughts and experiences with staying fit and healthy with people with the same passion.

finally Kristina, as you know there’s probably a whole load of people who will read this, many of whom will be thinking about making changes to their own lives – what words of advice would you offer them?

It must come from within you. It all starts with you. Never ever compare yourself or your journey to anyone else’s. We (and our bodies) are all so different.

Take it one day at a time and don’t forget to celebrate your progress, no matter how big or small it is. Always keep moving forward with a positive attitude.

that’s fantastic Kristina – thanks!

You can connect with Kristina and follow her journey over at

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