looking forwards

6 years ago (plus 2 days to be precise) I wrote a blog post announcing my intention to get fit enough to complete a marathon. Today I am sat in a similar position, and like January 2012, have had the chance to think long and hard about a few things between Chrismas and New Year.

Just like 2012, I am carrying far too much weight, and feeling the impact on my health & fitness. Just like 2012, I intend to remedy this by setting some big goals, and then following through with focus, discipline and making the changes needed.

Unlike 2012, I know (some of) what this body is capable of, and I have more than enough prior evidence of my ability to take on challenges, particularly from the world of endurance sport, and nail them.

the low point that had to be experienced

I’ve blogged about it previously, but towards the end of 2017, I reached a low point with fitness & confidence, and had really lost my way. During my reflective period between Christmas and New Year, I identified that it had really been a downward slide since returning to Perth in October 2015. After such a huge adventure, I had to settle back into normal day-to-day life – something that turned out to be a lot harder to do than I had imagined.

It was a process of re-building, and addressing things in my personal life that had really been put on hold while I focused on the walk/run from Perth to Brisbane. Over 2 years later, I was more or less settled back into work, had my personal life back on track, and even started to look at moving into my own place (something that is scheduled to happen in just over 2 weeks time, at the time of writing).

When I struggled with two trail events at the end of 2017, particularly the “DNF” at Six Inch (having completed the run within cut-off in 2016), I got really down. My weight was back over 140kg and it just felt like everything I had achieved in 6 years was slowly coming undone.

Of course it wasn’t, it just needed a bit of perspective, a renewed focus, and for me to get back to the habits and action-taking that had led to so many personal victories before.

the future, or two years of it anyway

The next 2 year period will be incredibly busy… on the one hand there is the bucket list item of a full ironman (Dec 2019), and on the other is getting back to the stuff I love; parkrun, marathons, trails, ultras… and with all of it, re-discovering the joy and physical benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.

The key points of the schedule between now and Dec 2019 looks a little like this:

May 2018 – Half Ironman, Busselton

July 2018 – Gold Coast Marathon

December 2018 – Six Inch trail ultra

January 2019 – Australia Day Ultra

May 2019 – turn 50

December 2019 – Busselton Ironman

The basic approach to this will be a half ironman program until May 2018, a bit of a tune-up for GCM in July, then a 30 week training program for the 100km on January 19th next year (the same program I used that got me to the 75km mark in 2017). After that it will be almost a full year focused on the full Ironman.

It’s going to be busy

I won’t pretend otherwise – it’s going to be tough to fit this all into a life that is already busy, but that’s part of the point really. If something is worth doing, and is something you want badly enough, then you will find a way to achieve it.

2018 and 2019 will be years where I achieve many things on many fronts; personal, career, family… but they will also be years where amazing experiences will be had and personal boundaries and limitations will be tested and pushed further then ever before.

This is where things differ most from 2012; I already know a lot about how amazing it will be, and I already know a lot about what it will take to achieve it all.

However, just like 2012, the time has come to just f***ing do it…



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