lunch – the least of my worries

At the end of the previous blog post I suggested that my next challenge would be “coping” with lunch. I had forgotten something…

In honour of the fact that one of the people in our division is getting hitched, there was a morning tea. This consisted of the usual fare of sausage rolls, some other savoury pastry treats and a variety of sweet items to tempt those with a bit of a sweet tooth (guess who that applies to!)

part fail, part win

While sausage rolls and the like are not really the sort of thing I had in mind to get for lunch, I allowed myself to partake. This was on the strict understanding that I wouldn’t do the usual thing of stuffing my face until I’d eaten enough to last the rest of the week.

Actually, I don’t really consider this to be a “failure” in any way – I’m still in the “build up” period and in any case this is the sort of thing that will crop up from time to time, and needs to be successfully managed.

Guess what? I actually walked away having drunk plenty of water and eaten a “normal” portion of food.

lunch time

When lunch time came around I had started to feel a little peckish, however I really didn’t want to eat too much considering the mini blowout of the morning tea.

A second issue I faced for the first time is my semi-addiction to “V Black” – essentially fizzy water, loads of sugar and caffeine. I think I surprised a few people when I came back to my desk, with a bottle of water and a small banana!

I’d even spent about 15 minutes walking around the block, instead of just sitting down and enjoying the sunshine.

Who IS this strange person inhabiting my skin??

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