marathon mind – 10k heart

well, this is weird.

really, really weird.

this is the most nervously excited, or perhaps excitedly nervous, I have been for a running event.

all 3 previous occasions had their character and purpose. first 10km fun run was the first time running in such a public way and a barrier broken, the half marathon proved I could run a longer distance and beat mental demons, the full marathon was the summit.

it was a summit, and also a base camp for what followed next.

why this 10km fun run is so different

this is the first event I’m going to without “to finish” as a goal. I have a specific time goal. a point to prove perhaps.

the point being that I am better than I was last time I did this run.

it is the first event I’m going to with a runner’s mindset.

the first event since my Facebook page exploded – so there’s a few hundred more pairs of eyes watching, a few hundred more pairs of hands typing messages of support.

this run is different. the energy is different. the build-up is different.

why? because I am different.

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