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Spend any amount of time with the Facebook Running Community and you will see one name crop up, guaranteed!

Renowned for an unmistakable smile, positive outlook and brightly coloured socks, needs absolutely no further introduction other than to say… I am absolutely stoked to bring you the one and only… Running GIRL!

Now before we get into anything else, your real name isn’t “Running GIRL” is it? Tell us a bit about yourself!
nicole_felsMy name is Nicole Fels, I’m from Brisbane in Australia.

I’m a part-time medical typist, a wife and a mum!

Your love of running is pretty well known I think, can you tell us more about that passion?

I run simply because I love it. I never need to find motivation to do it, I look forward to it as it is my favourite thing to do.

In saying that I am running with a bit more purpose at the moment as I really want to run the Boston Marathon and need to get a qualifying time.

interesting, so what, if anything, has brought about this additional sense of purpose?

Now this is a tough one to answer.

I have always run on and off but 2.5 years ago something happened that made me take it to a new level. I hate to talk about this and never do but… I feel it is time to share as people may look at me and think “wow everything is so easy for her”, but it is not always like that. I am just determined to enjoy life.

So 2.5 years ago I received a phone call from my husband who was out on a ride, he was ringing from the doctors and he told me to come straight there as an ambulance was on its way.

he was having a heart attack.

He was 39, not overweight and was fit, so to say it was a shock is an understatement! Thankfully he has made a full recovery.

From that moment I think as an escape I threw myself totally into exercise, but also I had the driving force of needing to be as fit and healthy as I could be, so that I can be here for my family.

So emotionally I have really struggled with this and on the most part kept it all to myself, I am in a much better place now but I have had some major mental struggles along the way…. I think some people in my life will be shocked to hear that!

I feel privileged and honoured that you chose to share that here, Nicole. I suspect, though, that you may be pleasantly surprised at how people react to that part of your story. so what now, where does this driven sense of purpose take you next?

My goal now is to run the Boston Marathon I am hoping to qualify at my first marathon in 7 weeks, I am aiming high.

My running has improved incredibly over the last few years, I always thought I was just a 5k and 10k runner and now I am running longer and longer and am about to tick a marathon off my list.

so you’ve really stepped up on several fronts, this must have presented some challenges?
Physically I had ITB friction syndrome that stopped me running for 3 months last year, that was very tough.

Mentally it’s mostly been self doubt and lack of confidence in my ability.

obviously you have the “big one” coming up soon, but what would you say has been your biggest achievement so far?

Oh I think I would pick my PB at Noosa 10k last year! I worked so hard for that time!

just to wrap things up then, how would you say this new sense of drive and purpose has impacted your life, both in terms of positive benefits and drawbacks, and how do you stay so damned positive and motivated?! 

I am so much happier, I have just found that things seem so much easier for me and good things just keep on happening for me!

I feel like I am finally back on track to the old carefree me.

Running just brings me joy on a daily basis and I have made some of the most wonderful friends on my running journey. Drawbacks? I see none!

As far as motivation goes – I have been told by numerous people I am the most driven, determined person they know! I don’t need to find motivation it is one of my greatest strengths I just get it done no matter what!

Well that certainly rings true with my experience of talking to you! So let me ask you this – if you were able to say one thing to people considering making changes to their life, what would it be?

Just start, it is not always easy but just keep trying to make changes even if you have setbacks.

Don’t waste your life wishing you were happier and fitter, you only get one opportunity make your life amazing and full of adventure. Anyone can do this you just have to believe it.

Thanks for that Nicole, I’m sure people are going to love reading these additional insights into your story, as well as following your progress over the next few weeks!

We wish you all the best in the marathon – now, just for the very few people who don’t know you already, where can they find you?

My Facebook page – Running GIRL!

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