i’m going back to January 2012, armed with the knowledge and experiences of the past 31 months and re-launching, treating tomorrow (Monday 11th August 2014) as day 1.

last time around I did a “pre-season” period due to being in a bad condition health-wise. this time I’m recovering from an op that requires me to take things easy for the next 4 weeks.

this period is ideal for establishing/re-establishing good habits, and I invite all of you to not only follow my journey, but to join in – especially if you are someone thinking about lifestyle change (or anyone you know who is!)

I will be doing the exact same as before; daily journaling on the blog, recording details of training, food, and any notes/information/observations that I deem to be relevant or otherwise 🙂

I invite everyone to join in and share their own experiences by commenting on my daily updates.

this might be just the excuse you were looking for – stand up today, take the oath, and decide that there will be “no more mr (or ms) fat guy (or gal)”.

#NMMFG #makelifeamazing #lifestylereboot


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