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soooo, what’s been happening since Monday?

well, Tuesday was a second rest day, giving the abs a chance to recover a bit more. but I also met a newspaper photographer in a local park! he took some shots of me running, tying laces and cheesy stuff like that – all wearing my heart foundation singlet with pride of course!

watch this space for updates – the story should be featured in a local paper soon…

I also had a good chat with a local business who may be able to help with customising some singlets for me in a very short space of time… phew!

Wednesday… I trundled off to the gym for a light cross-training session… as reported to Jackie:

I did 10k cycling and 5k rowing, both about 28 mins for a total of 56.

Went ok. Abs ok on rower. Felt it a bit when using foam roller and stretching but hopeful will hold together for tomorrow’s tempo run.

Had a particularly painful spot with roller – above and on outside of left knee. Will mention to massage therapist on Friday and make sure it’s given some attention.

Will be good to run again in the morning

I also had a call from Lite n Easy regarding a possible photo shoot – again, watch this space for details!

Thursday (today)


The session was 1.7km warm-up at comfortable pace, between 1.7km and 7.25km to be at 5:25 to 5:40 per km pace, then 750m cool down at comfortable pace.

Well I held pace in the range overall – though until I checked the data I didn’t how consistent it actually was. upon review I found I had drifted outside of target pace on a few occasions, but overall was a very good run, and I’m very happy with that!

I was conscious of the ab throughout but I think it was ok – and i felt it less as the run went on. At one stage I got a stitch, and that took my mind off the ab completely.

After the run, there was a dull soreness if I jar it, or twist. Legs were sore (which is usual) – but that added to the overall effect. Ibuprofen soon solved all that!

With a rest tomorrow, easy 5k Saturday – I should be good to go for an unforced pace long run on sunday! fingers crossed!

Also today, we broke the $2000 barrier on the fundraiser page – which is awesome!!!

Temp Run data:


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