not sure where this week has gone

it’s late afternoon on a friday as i write this – that’s another week over. already.

seriously, where does the time go?

and what do i actually achieve with that time?

this week there was a half day wasted on hot air (work meeting), a day off sick (sleeping on and off), running, gym and many many pointless hours at a desk…

apart from the running & gym, what a waste of a week.

and now friday has come and is almost over.

there ARE silver linings

between all the beige guff, there have been some real high points. connecting with a guy who subsequently saved me at least $2500 in fees for personal trainer courses. the very fact that i HAVE signed up to get my personal trainer certification is also a win.

i reviewed and revised the NMMFG goals. made them more definite. more specific. aiming to run 2 marathons per year, for example.

my race pace run this morning was bang on for a 2 hour 30 minute half marathon in october!

no there are definitely things to be celebrating.

i guess i’m just impatient. having finally worked out what i want to do with my life, i want it all to be up and running NOW.

patience is a virtue, apparently.

let’s see how virtuous i am.

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