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for this week’s sh*t-sorter, we return to western australia to chat to a friend of a friend, and fellow participant in this year’s city to surf. it never ceases to amaze me how runners often have an inspiring “back story” that really does show how running can change lives. this week is no different!

so without further ado, can you please introduce yourself, tell us where you’re from, what you do and maybe a little of your background?

I’m Rebecca Hamilton. Originally from NSW Ambarvale but now Warnbro WA.

work-wise I combine home duties with being a doTERRA Independent Consultant (Oils of Nature)

I am a single mum of three who has been battling with being over weight for the last ten years. I was not always overweight but started gaining lots of weight when I hit 29 so much so I my skin was hurting as I was gaining extremely fast.

My heaviest weight was 80kgs (non pregnant weight that is).

I also battle with depression on a day to day basis.

and would you say that is that what, eventually, led you to running – can you tell us a bit about that?

I run to clear my head and help with my weight problem.

It has given me a new lease on life and remaining positive is a must. I split up with the father of my children two years and during that time I went to a psychologist until I had problems having my daughter looked after. then pretty much did all the head stuff myself.

January, as everyone does, a new years resolution with a difference was not made but decided upon. I was sick of being sick, overweight and unhappy and knew deep down inside that beautiful worthy woman was still there and needed a little help to come out.

It was very hard to believe in myself once more, after nine years of a man who did not hit me but mentally screwed with my brain, making me feel unworthy of even the breath in my lungs.

So I decided to get stuck into it, I did a bit of research and combined knowledge I gained from various popular healthy eating plans and juicing and began.

I started to feel great within the first week then all of a sudden I simply did not have the energy to lift my head off my pillow.  I thought to myself perhaps my body had gone into shock, from the diet change, and went to the doctor.

the doctor took a blood test and when the results came back the diagnosis was Hypothyroidism. If you do not know what this is it is a condition which affects the thyroid, this particular one is an underactive thyroid, so it was not getting enough thyroid hormone which is bad ju ju for your metabolism.

Within that week I also put on ten kilos shooting me up to 81kgs after sitting on 71 for ages. The diagnosis was a relief as it explained why I could not concentrate on the reading I had to do for uni, which I eventually gave up due to living in a cloud.

Plus it gave me something to work from, the condition today is managed with tablets of Thyrozine, a hormone replacement tablet which I have to take every morning or my day goes to crap. I do have to watch what I do and find that even though I run and run and run, by Tuesday after my running binge I have to sleep for most of the day!

Since I have been running I have lost 12kgs, am stuck on 68kgs, but hopefully that will go after “accidentally” signing up for Michelle Bridges 12 wk challenge…

wow, thankyou for sharing so much of yourself there Rebecca, and it’s great to hear that running has played a major part in turning things around. what would you say has been the motivation for making these changes, and what was your “lightbulb moment”?

Being the best mother for my children that I can as role models are important.
My lightbulb moment was the day I kicked my ex out 🙂

do you have an overall goal, if so what would that be?

To become fitter and healthier and when that happens I am sure I will get down to goal weight of 59kgs

awesome – i am sure you will get there if you just keep doing what you’re doing. speaking of which, can you describe what the main changes, challenges and achievements have been to date?

The key changes I’ve made is to start running, trying to eat as clean as possible and cut out foods which I am intolerant of.
My main challenge really was realising that my ex was toxic!
My biggest achievement – first and foremost my children. After that, rebuilding my mindset to something which is positive filled with Focus and Determination.

that’s fantastic Rebecca, can you tell us what impacts you have seen in your life since making these changes? also what would you say have been the key benefits and also drawbacks with making these changes?

I have lost 12 kgs have dropped a couple of dress sizes, found my inner Goddess. I am now able to chase my kids around without wheezing.

In terms of drawbacks, there’s really nothing I cannot overcome, having a three year old makes it very hard to get out there but I am a problem solver so think out of the box as to how I can get around these things. e,g, getting a better running stroller.

that’s an interesting point actually, with your responsibilities as a mother, your business activities, health issues and running – how do you stay motivated?

I stay motivated by realising that no one else but myself can change this. If I have no children for a weekend it is what gets me out of bed at 6am to go for a run.

Plus I love inspiring people and being inspired.

good stuff, and I’m sure your story and your determination are going to inspire many people reading this! now if you were able to say one thing to people considering making a similar life change, what would it be?

There is no time like the present, make a life of no excuses! I see people and hear people who are in similar situations as me giving me all the excuses I use to give but I have overcome those excuses and so can you!

thankyou Rebecca, I truly appreciate you sharing so much of yourself with the NMMFG readers and followers, and I’m sure that what you have said will resonate strongly with many people.

If you want to connect with Rebecca, you can do so via:

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or Twitter: @hamilton_bec

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  1. Awesome Rebecca, I love when you realised “no one else but me can change this”. What a great journey you are on and imagine what you will achieve as your children grow… x Kate

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