Remember this simple message. Never ever give up.


Don’t give up on dreams. Don’t give up on goals. Don’t give up on people, places, experiences, feelings or anything whatsoever that holds a lot of meaning for you.

Life will throw things at you, circumstances will try to persuade you to take an easier route. You will be tempted with false shortcuts. You will be confronted with temporary setbacks, masquerading as permanent failure.

Do not be tricked by any of these things, not if you prefer the feeling of being alive over the feeling of slowly dying inside.

Don’t allow yourself to be deceived, if you truly want to live an amazing life, full of passion, fulfilment and adventure.

Listen to your heart, go where your soul is pulling you towards, and never settle for a pale imitation of the life you REALLY deserve.

Fortune favours the brave, the bold and the passionate.

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