20 sep 2012: right in two

despite heading to bed early last night (20:30), i still managed to sleep until 5 this morning, giving just enough time to get ready and catch the early bus.

hey ho, i guess the sleep was needed, so no point in worrying about it. there will be plenty more days when i can go for a run, head to the gym or whatever šŸ™‚


Time got up (today): 05:00
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 3
Lunch 4
Night 3


05:00 – got up, got ready for work
05:30 – Bus, nap (yup, more sleep!)
06:15 ā€“ skinny long macchiato, bacon & egg roll
09:30 – morning walk, banana, yoghurt, nuts, seeds
12:00 – extended lunchtime riverside walk (6km), hainanese chicken and rice
15:00 – few nuts, bus, nap
18:00 – salmon, artichoke, onion, fennel, carrots
0:00 – glass milk, bed

gym / backyard session

Not today…

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