so far so slow

it hasn’t been a stellar start to training, but it has been a start. there’s been some niggles with the right calf and left ankle; a trip to the physio today revealed that both are probably due to a pair of calf muscles that were overdue some work, and lacking ongoing care…

one thing for sure is that as the training builds, under the guidance of my coach David Alley, I will be including regular massages once again.

my other big challenges currently are general lack of fitness, and a disappointing weight regain. the former will come with training and good habits, including the habits of eating better and drinking more water. those two things alone should help with the weight!

it’s easy to get down about things, and to just wallow in it all – reality is that the improvements and changes will come, little by little, as long as I re-establish the consistency.

having a coach and accountability helps, as does the right mindset 🙂

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