sometimes it gets forgotten


recently I posted a comment on Facebook with reference to something like “just a nice easy 4.5km this morning”.

someone (and I wish I could remember who) commented to the effect of “I dream of the day I can talk about a 4.5km run as if it was a walk in the park”

and it really hit home. it hit home on three fronts…

firstly the totally amazing fact that I actually CAN flippantly toss in a reference to a run like that.

secondly the fact that while I still consider myself a sloooooow runner, I AM a runner

thirdly that I should not forget where I started, or the fact that many more people are making that same journey.

while the first two gives me such personal pride, satisfaction and ongoing sense of achievement, it is the third point that burns most intensely inside of me.

running has given me everything

and when you are given so much, there is an inherent obligation to give back.

hence the direction this site, the facebook page, and my life in general is heading.

the approach to and perspective on life that I now have, thanks to getting fitter & healthier, then learning to love (yes LOVE) running would have been beyond my comprehension just 2 years ago. indeed, I never suspected about 99% of the impact it has had as little as 2 MONTHS ago.

it is something that is within the grasp of anyone and everyone.

it always starts with one step

just one step. a commitment. a decision.

watching what you put in your mouth.

regularly moving – even just a daily walk

drinking enough water so that you actually rehydrate

do not fear that you will seem inadequate

the running community is amazing – no matter where you are on your path, how fast or slow you are, whether you run, jog or walk-with-a-bit-of-fast-waddling-occasionally.

none of that matters, all that matters is you are getting up and doing it. putting yourself out there and making the changes.

and the rest will come, slowly and surely, step by step, little by little.

and the runners will be there for you.

I will be there

and if I seem to be flippant about my new-found abilities?

remind me, for sometimes I forget.

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