springing into action

Spring Season!!!

today is the first official day of spring, here in australia.

when i went for my early morning, i actually saw and heard a number of reminders of this fact; birdsong, a frog chorus, kookaburras waking as i drifted alongside the canning river, and spring flowers (once the sun came up).

as someone who walks a nature-based spiritual path (as well as the running one), seasonal changes tend to have some significance, and spring is a particularly powerful time of year.

spring cleaning, new life and all that

spring is a time of new beginnings, a time for implementing plans after the dark period of winter.

it is a time then people feel the urge to spring clean. freshen up. make space and get ready for new things.

which explains an awful lot…

like me. planning. scheduling. starting to get organised!

plotting a new career path even.

all very spring-like stuff!

i seriously have got the organisation bug

as i write this, i’m looking at a small pile next to me. this is what is in that pile:

a notebook with each page labelled with dates up to the end of the year – effectively a daily diary for planning and recording tasks

a large notebook for taking study notes, along with the Fitness Instructor text book i will be focusing on initially

another large notebook for the collecting of ideas, doing idea mapping, even a little paper-based vision-boarding work. currently it contains all the scraps of paper i’ve created on those lines in the last year or so.

essentially that pile represents my entire planing, scheduling, note-taking and study activity. the only other artefact missing is the large whiteboard that has a fresh “todo” list on it with the handful of items currently outstanding (most of the long-standing items have been ticked off recently).

anyone who knows me, will know this is a massive departure from the old me – the one who despised planning, ranted about todo lists etc. thing is, this stuff is actually helping!

priorities have changed, massively

it’s been an interesting year or so. one of the scraps of paper i have from a while back includes a short answer to the question “what brings me alive, reminds me of who i am?”

my answer then was “an afternoon of unhurried work, addressing issues, fixing things or writing. at my own pace and time”.

essentially a very relaxed, easy-going type answer.

my answer now would be “running. posting and writing about my running. reading inspiring stories from other runners and encouraging and supporting others”.

ignoring the obvious change of focus from IT stuff to running stuff, the energy of the second statement is vastly different.

yes, this spring really does herald the dawn of a new era.

what are other southern hemisphere dwellers doing to bring new things into being?

and you northerners – with autumn/fall approaching, what are you harvesting from your efforts of the year?

image by by SeanC90

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