the accidental ironman

~ me ~

well first of all, if you’re looking for more regular (sometimes daily, sometimes every few weeks or so) updates, then the social media updates page is where you want to be.

having served its purpose as my journal in the first few years, this blog will now (probably) be host to the less frequent longer pieces…

with that out the way, “what’s the title all about?” I hear you cry….

well, it all started when I decided to set a goal for the 70.3 half ironman event at Busselton in December 2019. to cut a long story short, the 70.3 sign-up page took me through the process for a full ironman registration 😳

after a club training session, I was talking to tri club mates about how expensive the Ironman events had become, and this ultimately led to the discovery of what had happened. the club coach, Anne, made things worse by quietly saying “you’ve got enough time to train”.

deferred entry

I was eventually overcome by a wave of reality, applied to defer the race entry until December 2020, and now plan a more sensible road to the full ironman, via a 70.3 in May 2020 (also Busselton). Those 18 months will soon disappear, however it’s a more realistic target, and to be honest it lines up with previous hairy goal timelines; 18 months from thought to first marathon, 18 months from idea to crossing Australia… 

my training will be under the guidance of Perth Triathlon Club coach, Anne de Rover, and we have adopted the label “The Accidental Ironman” as we set out to prove that the Ironman challenge isn’t just for more obviously athletic types; and with my steady weight (re-)gain in the past 2 years, and an accompanying decline in distances and paces, I really do feel as if we are taking things from scratch and putting it together piece by piece.

scary and exciting at the same time

so here we go then, once more unto the breach, starting with a short training program as part of a virtual triathlon challenge (“Sprint into Spring” by Mum Runner on Facebook). The feeling as I cross that finish line at the end of Dec 2020 will be incredible, the journey to get there is simultaneously scary and exciting; guess that means I should do it huh?


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