the ex fat guy is back!

well it has been a while, my focus was (understandably) on “hearts across australia”, but now that little adventure is over it is time to get some structure and routine back in place, launch some new initiatives, and reclaim the “no more mr fat guy” blog as my personal training journal and place to say “stuff”.

a lot of people have asked wjat changes (if any) walking and running 5500km across Australia brought about, and the short answer to that is HEAPS! having formulated an idea, held onto that vision, let it consume me to the point of obsession, and then have it “magically” come together around me, I am now convinced of the notion that “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve”.

so that is why this week has been a strange pseudo-bipolar week, alternating between the flatness of post-event blues, and the absolute highs as I contemplate the future and all that it will contain. I firmly believe I am now more in control of my life than ever before, and can literally design and decide exactly how it will look, while simultaneously letting go of control of exactly how it gets there.

completing a marathon changed my life. crossing the continent gave me a completely new one!

watch this space to see how things pan out šŸ™‚

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