there are no magical silver bullets

there’s an awful lot written and said, on the internet, in books, via audio programs, about personal development, self-improvement. living a happy life.

there’s a million and one opinions, some new age, some scientific, some metaphysical. some of the content is produced by qualified psychologists, some is created by religious types, some is put out there by more business-minded types.

and if you start off on your own journey of self-discovery, it’s confusing. it’s also incredibly tempting to try and find the “correct” blueprint that will “fix” your life and magically make you the happiest person alive.

the answer isn’t out there

sorry to break the bad news, but the solution isn’t out there. the magic wand, the silver bullet, simply don’t exist.

the “answer” actually lies closer to home, a lot closer. it’s all about you, it’s all about you digging deep, dredging stuff up and sorting your sh*t out.

what is “out there” can only help you. information that can spark thinking, tools and techniques that can assist you in doing the work. and work is what it is all about. work that only you can do. by yourself and for yourself.

try everything and leave the bits you can’t digest behind

so read everything you can. find the authors and speakers who use language that resonates with you personally. if you find someone “too fluffy”, or someone else “too business-like”, then make like Goldilocks and find the one that’s “just right”.

but remember, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Rhonda Byrne, Napoleon Hill and so many more – none of these people can “fix” you. None of them are guaranteed to have the exact set of answers that you need.

yes, some people swear by these individuals, but ultimately the work is done by you, inside of yourself, regardless of any metaphorical framework within which that work is done.

do the work, get scared, reap the rewards

ultimately you dig deep, you find the things deep in your soul that are stopping you from living fully, you drag them out into the open, you get scared, you experience a multitude of emotions and feelings, you start thinking you’re going crazy…

and then you start realising that nobody has any power over you, nobody can fix you, nobody can tell you what to do, nobody can make your life amazing for you.

that’s when life truly begins…


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