this is why a journal is such a cool idea

i was thinking, earlier, that it must be about a year since i started going to the gym. turns out that the 1 year anniversary of that was last week.

however, today (13th feb 2013)  is the anniversary of the start of the 12 week weightloss challenge.

other things i’ve noticed, perusing the archives, include the fact that i:

  • got out of puff a lot quicker then compared to now
  • now maintain a faster pace when rowing over 10km or more, than i did over 500m
  • was much more controlled and observant about my eating back then
  • spend much more time in the gym these days
  • have kept pretty much all of the new habits that i set out to develop

overall that’s a pretty good record.

except on the food intake front

just reading the journal entries, I can feel that I was somehow stricter about things then. ok, so I needed to be strict in the early stages, to help develop good habits, and to help get the weightloss off to the best possible start.

but overall it just feels as though that could be one area that could benefit by just a little more attentiveness. i don’t think there’s a massive issue and my eating habits are generally healthy. i think i just need to put in some effort to be more fully aware of what I am eating.

some specific examples are noting that there was no butter on toast and one piece of toast rather than two. not huge things, but the type of thing that benefits from just a little more specific focus.

walking is down a little too

i think with the gym exercise being so much more these days, i’ve taken my eye off the ball in relation to regular movement/walking during the day.

i might have to dig out the pedometer and start recording the step counts once more. again, just bringing a little focus back to the subject to help stave off complacency.

all in all i’m delighted that i have the journal

being able to look back, read my own thoughts, compare the situations between then and now and to be able to see the changes that were achieved, is nothing short of amazing.

it’s like being able to go back in time and have a brief conversation with myself. or look in a time mirror and see the excess kilos drop off.

brilliant stuff. highly motivating. useful too.


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