traditional pre-event stack

I wasn’t really looking forward to today’s training, but once I started running i actually felt surprisingly good; the legs were still a little tired from the weekend, but overall I didn’t feel too bad at all!

The tiredness probably helped contribute to what I have taken to calling my “traditional pre-big-event stack”. I fell and injured my knees while training for 6 inch, and for London Marathon. In fact I’m sure there was a third occasion too… This morning I found myself horizontally surveying the King’s Park pathways in close-up mode…. on a flat section about 10km into the 15km run…

I dusted myself off, squirted water to clean the grazed/exposed/bloody areas, and hobbled through the rest of the run. At the time of writing, the damage seems fairly minor, so hopefully no impacts on further training!


15k long run #W28D3 #ADU2017 #100k #LetsGoHoka #TimeToFly

a lovely run up through King's Park. Heat building early, and clearly a hot day expected as all the bushland paths are closed to the public! Unfortunately I had a minor stack at the 10km mark, resulting in grazed shin, upper arm and a bloody knee... still a good run overall though, and mostly stuck to 8:2 run/walk...

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
02:17:44 02:12:57 15.19 6.86 19.44 196.00
hours hours km km/h km/h meters

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