two steps forward one step back

it really does seem to be the way things occur, naturally. instead of a continuous stream of forward-heading progress, we make breakthroughs, slip back a little, consolidate and then move forwards again.

our moods and emotions follow a similar path – no-one is happy, productive, clear and assured all of the time, especially not me.

it’s all part of the cycle of learning, development & even survival

we need time to absorb new ideas, process fresh thoughts and evaluate additional material. our bodies need time to adapt, refresh and heal, our minds need to be given the space to figure out if something is good for us, or not.

so sometimes we wake up and we feel sluggish, we may feel a little anxious, we might even feel a bit down.

the usual reaction is to get frustrated, become angry with the fact we’re having an “off” day when things were going so well.

this (usually) will only make things worse.

just accept it for what it is and move on

“easier said than done”, I hear you say… and you’d be right. it’s incredibly difficult to go against our instinctive reactions or learned behaviours. we’ve ALWAYS got pissed off when things aren’t going our way, so why should that be any different now?

but what harm will it do eh? just make the effort to let things slide, accept the aches and pains, cosy up with your melancholy moments and realise that it will pass, just as the sun will rise after a long dark, cold and lonely night.

we all have off days, there’s no point in trying to force them to become great, productive days full of motivation and achievement.

think of them as rest days. recuperation time for mind and/or body.

then get ready to take two more steps forward, tomorrow.


image courtesy of Creative Commons License Ian Norman via Compfight

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