what the world needs: more bright, less dull


to my mind, the world is divided into three main groups of people, let’s call them the bright, the dull and the frustrated.

the bright ones

those in the bright camp are out there in the world, ignited by passion, flames burning bright inside. they help illuminate the planet, no matter whether they do so on a grand scale, or at a local level.

passion. vision. mission. goals. purpose.

these are the terms that apply to the “bright” ones.

they know what they want, they know why they’re here, and they don’t let anything or anyone stop them.

they are the ones who looked at the stereotypes and templates that life handed them, and said “to hell with that!”

the dull ones

at the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the world of the dull and dreary. at the surface level it appears that nothing burns inside them. no vision, no ambition. content to trundle along in this world, achieving very little beyond mere existence.

comfort zone. short-sighted. passionless. void. depressing.

these are terms that can be applied to the world of the dull.

they have no concept of wanting more. they don’t care too much about the question of “why am I here?”. they more than likely claim that they are happy as they are – who knows, maybe that’s true. maybe ignorance really IS bliss.

the frustrated ones

and so we come to where i believe many people exist. the world of frustration.

knowing there is more to life. feeling trapped by dullness

desiring an amazing life. not knowing how to break free

aching inside. paralysed by fear

these are the people who are stretched – drawn towards the brightness at one end, dragged down at the other by the dull world of ordinariness. feeling they are ready to soar above the clouds, if only they can figure out how to unlock the shackles that bind them.

where you end up is your choice

it may seem that life has dealt you a cruel hand. perhaps you have had glimpses of what could be, and realisation of what no longer serves.

it may seem that it is all just a bit unfair. maybe there are a series of “if onlys” lined up in front of you.

you don’t have to accept it.

it requires effort. it may involve personal discomfort. it might even demand sacrifice.

but you have to make a choice – and the choice is simple and a little like the blue pill v red pill scenario in the movie “The Matrix”.

you can choose the easy path. to go back to sleep. to snuff out the fledgling flame within you. to become fully absorbed by the dull, and to exist with mind fully numbed and eyes wide shut.


you can choose the path less travelled. to nurture that flame. to ignite the passion within you. to seize what you seek, what you desire and what you DESERVE. seize it with BOTH hands firmly, confidently, authoritatively and without compromise.

the choice is ultimately yours but the world needs you

nobody can force you to make one decision or another, but consider this. the world is full of dull. it is reaching maximum capacity for dreary, ordinary, pointless, nothingness.

what the world needs is more people to nurture their internal flames. light upon light, burning brightly and illuminating the world at large.

don’t let dull win.



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