world domination masterplan version 1.0 beta

after my latest sprawling essay I thought to myself “do you know what, Gary old chap, you do realise you actually need to follow through on this stuff now?”

and I was right.

I was also already onto it – I couldn’t sleep last night until I scribbled down some notes about a few ideas, sent off a couple of emails to people who will play a role in this, cemented the grand idea into a more concrete entity.

and then today I just wanted to get everything written out, planned for crying out loud! I DON’T DO PLANNING. EVER (ask my business partners with the Website Biz – I’m SHOCKING)

So here is the plan as it stands currently – some of it may not make sense, it will perhaps become clearer over time. It took me less than 30 minutes to write this down, it’s obviously been there all along in overall form.

My basic thought process was that there is an end goal in mind, a starting position that does not reconcile with it very well (especially financially) – so there must be steps that can bridge the gap… WARNING: DOES CONTAIN SOME COMMERCIAL ELEMENTS

I’m actually taken aback by this

The main reason why I am a bit shocked by this is the fact that I have been saying for some time that every other person seems to be doing life coaching, or putting out self-help books etc. etc.

and quite often they get all fluffy and light and annoying and rainbows and unicorns and shit.

or they are from some deprived background where they either got themselves sorted, or wound up involved in drugs, organised crime, or dead.

and most people CANNOT relate to that

so maybe it’s time for an ordinary bloke, from a completely average background and completely average life, to get the message to other ordinary people – who get inspired by the extreme cases, but really cannot relate (and use it as an excuse when things don’t work)



  • create social network community site on ning
  • bring existing web site posts across (copy and paste process)
  • create downloadable PDF archives of daily journals and older blog posts (pre april 2013)
  • my story posts – don;t worry about them for now – retain as basis for content of part 1 of the book
  • examine content in pages (as opposed to posts) and decide what to do with them (e.g. resources, about info)
  • backup current website in its entirety
  • point domain at the new ning site
  • adjust RSS feed in Networked Blogs


  • continue to interact on FB regularly
  • continue short daily blog
  • longer blog articles as they flow naturally – no planned content “strategy” just the real nmmfg
  • video
  • chat? live twitter?
  • “meet the shit sorters” – follow up profiling with Q&A in the forums?
  • members, forums, member blogging on community site

intial funding towards bigger picture

  • create RedBubble store
  • get new versions of the new NMMFG images in the right format needed to upload to RedBubble
  • get the first 2 uploaded ASAP – to allow the purchasing of t-shirts, mugs, whatever
  • discuss with designer (M) creating a series of images based on the NMMFG image in “motivational poster” style (thanks for the seed of that idea RG!)
  • upload to RedBubble to create wider range of merch
  • add extras over type as my “catchphrase” collection grows
  • use this to invest in development of books and whatever else

the message

  • ordinary people can do extraordinary things
  • sort their shit out
  • get in shape
  • live their dream
  • pursue their passion
  • feel alive
  • life in full colour
  • don’t “settle”
  • get “unsettled”

the mission

  • changing the world one person at a time – maybe even just one person and then a domino effect from them
  • by example
  • by influence
  • by inspiring

the method(s)

  • my own personal development journey
  • running
  • my story
  • book(s)
  • running EVERYWHERE
  • meeting people
  • sharing stories
  • speaking? that’s seriously scary shit – we shall see
  • shit sorter conferences????
  • coaching? throwing that in because it came to mind but not feeling too easy about that currently

target market

  • ME!!!!
  • maybe 30s to 40s primarily – but really more about if they are “ready”
  • ready to hear the message
  • ready to make the changes THEMSELVES
  • cannot lead a horse to water, does not and never will work


  • word of mouth mostly I would imagine / hope
  • hire the services of a few key people to polish the marketing message – AA, M, and S
  • BCFM? it’s been there all along, maybe?
image courtesy of Creative Commons License Todd Ehlers via Compfight

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